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Are You Normal? 23 Jan 2003 – 21 Mar 2003 Conference Centre St. Pancras Hospital

‘Are You Normal’ was a photographic exhibition comprising three series ‘Private Income’, ‘Are You Normal’ and ‘Signs’. Collectively the work explores the theme of the clinical gaze.

‘ Private Income’ refers to the sinister qualities of medical equipment and the fear that they can evoke. Some of the equipment is old and some obsolete but still retaining a nostalgic quality. The equipment appears to be arranged for a specific purpose, awaiting use, there is an implication of something sinister about to happen.

‘ Are You Normal’ is a series of images directly informed by the assessment of children. This work refers to scale; the medical items look huge next to the dolls diminutive form. Despite using small equipment and furniture the child can still become lost in the array of equipment used to assess her.

‘ Signs’ is a series of body parts cast in latex, each has a physical ‘sign’ indicating an underlying disease process. A hand with Dupuytren’s contracture indicating underlying liver disease, another hand held in the pill-rolling tremor of Parkinson’s disease. This work refers to the ‘signs and symptoms approach ‘ of medicine where patients are referred to by their diagnosis.


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